Passion-you don’t know it, till you try it!

Countless moons passed (actually around 7500) before it changed from the ‘to do’ list to the ‘must do’. That it happened in a flash took me by surprise. Like many other of mankind, I was always passionate about something. The ‘something’ changed over the years – airline baggage labels (I am not fibbing!), mountaineering, travelling, numismatics, photography, teaching and day dreaming. I did all of that with utmost sincerity, spent a lot on each of them and some more. Photography still remains a favorite pastime with some good results over the past 5 years but nothing that would make any established photographer insecure. Far from it. I still teach finance to post graduate students with all my heart but wonder if it really makes a difference…..I mean ‘REALLY‘ in the truest sense of the word.

So it was a long time before the I discovered my passion. It was accidental. It happened by chance due to a unintentional stimuli. The good thing is that it worked! I have almost completed writing a book. It took 65 days and 42,000 words (no exaggeration) to write a adventure thriller. I had a story to tell and hope someone reads it. Can’t be untruthful and say ‘I don’t care if anyone bothers to read it’ ………hope you do.

By the way…… I hope to blog frequently and a bit of trivia – Love reading P.G. Wodehouse cause I think it is inane!!!


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