(to be published in May 2015)

An adventure thriller based on a true sequence of events………
“On the 12th of March, Siddharth Sharma was selected for the army, after clearing the services selection board at Allahabad. The following night he would board the overnight train to Delhi to start his journey back to his college in Manipal.  The onward flights to Mumbai and Mangalore were already booked for 15th March. He had ample time to reach his college to appear for his final semester exams at 4.30 p.m on 15th March ……… or so he thought! That night he would be staying with his cousin brother to celebrate his success. However an unexpected chain of events turned a simple travel plan into a nightmare. He unintentionally broke the law, missed his train, caught a bus, chased flights and transited through a holy city. It was tempting to give up under the relentless mental stress and physically trying conditions. But he continued doggedly for 80 hours through rapidly changing situations. Did he reach Manipal in time to appear for the examination or was he too late or did something happen which changed him? “



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