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Since childhood I have always been fascinated about flight. Rationally if I can drown in a swimming pool, then how is it that a giant aircraft can take fly at high altitudes. Of course there are many technical explanations, but leaving them aside, one cannot but be intrigued by the idea of flight.


Here I was on yet another flight but thrilled as though it was my first.


The city night lights passing below, never ceased to fascinate.


  Soaring above the clouds which look like whipped cream.

IMG_0355The mystic spell of twilight while observing the fine line between light and darkness.

100_1461Flying is not always about travel, sometimes it’s about messages

IMG_1887Most of the times we fantasise about our desire to fly uninhibited and free!

A tribute to all my class fellows, friends & relatives who are serving or have served as pilots in the Indian Air Force and commercial airlines


Whats App group: An accidental inclusion

Being inquisitive is not my nature but there are exceptions.

I have never been privy to any conversation between a closed group of married ladies. Due to a strict gender discrimination against male members, there was no chance of being invited to any ‘Kitty’ party. That has not stopped me from imagining conversations around topics, which I am sure are not flattering to spouses. Honesty demands that I confess to many clandestine attempts to overhear such conversations, sometimes at the risk of my personal safety. Previous close shaves from the clutches of angry groups of married ladies still make me sweat. So till date I have remained curious about the going-ons in these groups. What I have learned from a couple of women, who were momentarily indiscreet, is that there is some disdain when discussing the spouse and lots of advice/guidance to the newly married women. There is hearty laughter also, especially when the discussions gets focused on redundancy.

By a ‘one in a zillion chance’, I have been that mistakenly added by a friend to a Whats App married ladies group. It is obvious that I will be ‘quiet like a church mouse’ in this group to learn about women and their aspirations. This also presents me with an opportunity to deepen the bonds with my counterparts. Those husbands who would like to know & discuss the exchanges in this group can contact me on this blog. The membership fee shall be $10 or equivalent per month per husband.

Passion-you don’t know it, till you try it!

Countless moons passed (actually around 7500) before it changed from the ‘to do’ list to the ‘must do’. That it happened in a flash took me by surprise. Like many other of mankind, I was always passionate about something. The ‘something’ changed over the years – airline baggage labels (I am not fibbing!), mountaineering, travelling, numismatics, photography, teaching and day dreaming. I did all of that with utmost sincerity, spent a lot on each of them and some more. Photography still remains a favorite pastime with some good results over the past 5 years but nothing that would make any established photographer insecure. Far from it. I still teach finance to post graduate students with all my heart but wonder if it really makes a difference…..I mean ‘REALLY‘ in the truest sense of the word.

So it was a long time before the I discovered my passion. It was accidental. It happened by chance due to a unintentional stimuli. The good thing is that it worked! I have almost completed writing a book. It took 65 days and 42,000 words (no exaggeration) to write a adventure thriller. I had a story to tell and hope someone reads it. Can’t be untruthful and say ‘I don’t care if anyone bothers to read it’ ………hope you do.

By the way…… I hope to blog frequently and a bit of trivia – Love reading P.G. Wodehouse cause I think it is inane!!!